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  1. EDIROL Pyro 5 MP3 & CD Maker
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EDIROL Pyro 5 MP3 & CD Maker

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EDIROL Pyro 5 MP3 & CD Maker

per la creazione di suonerie e webcast


Rip > Enhance > Mix > Burn
If you want to get the most out of your digital music experience look no further than Cakewalk Pyro 2004. Whether you want to make MP3s, burn and share mix CDs of your favorite music, digitize and restore LPs or cassettes, archive important data files, or create backup copies of your favorite CDs, Pyro does it all in one easy-to-use application.
Cakewalk has provided leading music recording technology to Grammy and Emmy winning musicians and producers for over 15 years. We've now combined the best of that technology with our years of experience to create the ultimate software for the enjoyment of digital music and more.

The Complete MP3 & CD Maker

Record, organize & enjoy digital music
Rip & burn music CDs to/from MP3, WMA, WAV
Backup CDs with easy disc copying
Transfer and restore LPs and tapes to CD
Maximize, clean, and enhance audio with pro FX
Archive data files on CD
BONUS ' includes FREE NEATO CD Label software
As easy as 1-2-3
Everything is clear and intuitive. Pyro's welcome screen and customized instruction pane tell you everything you need to know to get started fast

1. With Pyro, it's a snap to create digital music files or copy CDs. Rip songs from any CD and turn them into MP3, Windows Media, or WAV files; record and convert your old LPs or cassettes; even record internet radio broadcasts.
2. Click and drag to arrange and edit song start and end times, overlay and crossfade tracks to create smooth transitions between songs for your own megamix. Then maximize, EQ and add effects to tracks to get the perfect sound for your listening environment; even clean audio to remove pops, hiss, and hum.
3. Listen to your music on your PC, transfer it into a portable digital music player, create and share custom CD or MP3 megamixes, or upload your MP3 or WMA tracks to the internet. Even create data CDs to archive your valuable documents, digital pictures and more.
What's new in Cakewalk Pyro 2004
Streamlined user interface
Faster CD ripping
Professional-quality MP3 encoding
Full DirectX plug-in support 'chain any 5 DirectX effects to enhance your mix
Includes: Audio Restoration (DeNoiser, DeClicker, DeClipper), Plasma FX Pad, 64-bit Loudness Maximizer , and 64-bit Graphic EQ
Make multiple copies of CDs with ease disc-to-disc CD copying
Improved multi-tasking: listen to MP3s while burning CDs
Improved editing: split, crop, and arrange files in one workspace
Save entire mix as one mp3, wav, and wma
CD-RW Support
ID3v1.1 MP3 Tags (artist, genre, song title, album, year info)
Drag and drop files right from your desktop into your playlis
MediaFace 4 Label Maker
Rip your favorite songs or entire CDs and keep that great digital quality
Create MP3, WAV, and WMA files
Convert your vinyl LPs and cassettes to CD
Simple commands let you record Internet broadcasts'even when away from your PC
Arrange, organize and play
Quickly locate and arrange audio files on your PC
Pyro instantly recognizes album names, song titles, and artists from commercial CDs using Gracenote's CDDB™ online database
Insert track numbers and split long audio files into multiple tracks
Create and store playlists of your favorite songs using multiple formats: MP3, WAV, WMA
Listen to Playlists on your PC, or take your favorite songs with you on CD or your portable Digital Music player
Burn, encode, and copy
Set up a playlist and then burn the songs to an audio or MP3 data CD with the click of a mouse
Encode individual songs or entire mixes to MP3, WAV, or WMA format
Features professional-quality MP3 & WindowsMedia 9 encoding
Easy disc-to-disc copying makes it a snap to make back up audio CDs
Organize photos, digital video, documents, financial info, and other files the way you want, then burn CDs to safely and securely archive valuable data
Pyro works with virtually all CD-R and CD-RW drives
Custom audio edits
Visually make precise edits right on top of the audio waveform
Control start and stop times, and raise or lower the volume of your audio to make your music sound perfect
Add a professional touch with custom song fades and control over the length of silence between songs
Pyro can automatically set volumes and crossfade songs together to create smooth transitions for DJ-style mixes
Clean and enhance with professional effects
Get the most out of your audio with 64-bit Loudness Maximizer
Tweak your audio with 64-bit EQ so it sounds ideal for your personal listening environment and tastes
Restore audio that has digital distortion from being recorded at high levels with DeClipper
Remove clicks, pops, and crackles from noisy LPs with DeClipper
Clean hiss, hum, and other annoyances from LPs, cassettes, and low-quality MP3s with DeClipper
Add a special touch to your mix with Reverb, Delay, Chorus, and other effects with Plasma FXPad
Pyro is DirectX-compatible so you can add hundreds of other audio effects which are widely available online
BONUS: NEATO CD-labeling graphics package
Pyro 2004 includes the fastest, easiest, most feature-rich labeling software available for Windows.

Give your CDs & DVDs fun and professional flair with NEATO® MediaFACE 4™ labeling software
Design & print full-color CD-Labels and jewel case inserts using the included images or your own
Create labels, inserts and sleeves for CD/DVD, MiniCD, video, MiniDisc, and more
Digital recognition of MP3 and other music files ' no more typing in track names
500 high resolution background images in a variety of categories
Wizard Mode ' design and print a label in under 30 seconds
Expert high-end graphics tools
Direct import images from scanner, webcam, digital video/still camera
Rip > Enhance > Mix > Burn
Burn professional-quality CDs of your favorite songs
Quickly turn your CDs into MP3s, WAV, or WMA files
Rip individual songs or entire albums
Create unlimited digital files with fast, professional MP3 & WindowsMedia 9 encoding
Locate and organize all the music files on your PC
Easy disc-to-disc copying to create backup CDs
Back up your valuable files to Data CD
Convert LPs and cassettes to CD or digital files
Clean audio with professional audio restoration plug-ins: Cakewalk DeClicker, DeNoiser & DeClipper
Get the most out of your audio with 64-bit EQ & Loudness Maximizer
Add Reverb, Delay, Chorus, & other effects with Plasma FXPad
Add additional DirectX-compatible effects
Make precise edits with the ability to see the audio waveform
Control start & stop times, volume of your audio to make your music sound perfect
Create megamixes & smooth transitions by overlaying & cross-fading songs
Set volumes automatically for an even mix
Take the music with you on your favorite portable digital music player
Instantly download song title & artist name from Gracenote/CDDB
Includes FREE NEATO MediaFACE 4 CD labeling software
Pyro works with virtually all CD-R & CD-RW drives
Compatible with Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP
Minimum System Requirements
Intel or AMD processor, 500MHz or better
Windows® 98SE/Me/2000/XP
128 MB RAM
CD-R or CD-RW writer for burning CDs
Recommended System Requirements
Intel or AMD processor, 1.5GHz or better
Windows® 2000/XP
256 MB RAM
CD-R or CD-RW writer for burning CDs
Pyro will work with virtually all Windows-compatible CD-R & CD-RW drives Note: Pyro 2003 is not compatible with Windows 95 or Windows NT

Prodotto disponibile unicamente in Inglese.
Non si fornisce manualistica in Italiano per questo prodotto.
La descrizione sottostante illustra unicamente le funzionalità del prodotto per Vostra informazione.
Edirol Europe offrirà comunque supporto tecnico in lingua italiana al numero 02 93778344

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