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  1. MARSHALL MG15FXMSDM Dave Mustaine Mega Stack
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MARSHALL MG15FXMSDM Dave Mustaine Mega Stack

MARSHALL MG15FXMSDM Dave Mustaine Mega Stack

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Dettagli Testate per Chitarra MARSHALL MG15FXMSDM D in Occasione OnLine MG15FXMSDM Dave Mustaine Mega Stack


 MG15FXMSDM Dave Mustaine Mega Stack



Plug in, rock out, and wait for the cops to show up for disturbing the peace.

Artists who have created groundbreaking work, toured every corner of the globe and inspired a whole new generation to pick up a guitar. No-one fits this profile better than Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine. Now Mustaine and Marshall have teamed up to deliver the Dave Mustaine signature MG Microstack—the MG15FXMSDM or Megastack for short. Like the man himself, this solid-state amplifier demanded the best possible analogue tone while taking advantage of revolutionary digital control. 

The Marshall Megastack from the MG series was inspired by two different pieces of gear: the MG15FX Microstack, and the 1960DM Dave Mustaine signature speaker cabinet, which features a carbon-fiber covering, diamond-design grille, and lots of Mustaine-inspired tone. The esteemed guitarist worked intensively with the Marshall development team and created 4 main sounds as the default patches and hid 4 additional tones in the amp's memory. Dave Mustaine duplicated the main sounds of his touring rig, for a total of 8 channels: 2 clean, 3 rhythm, and 3 lead solos. These tone patches will almost perfectly deliver solo sounds to perform screaming guitar shreddage. 

Like all the guitar amplifiers in Marshall's MG range, state-of-the-art manufacturing and stringent quality control procedures ensure that the Marshall Dave Mustaine Megastack meets the high standard of build you have come to expect from all Marshall products. No matter if this is your first ever Marshall. The tone, flexibility and feel of this compact and rugged Marshall stack is guaranteed to deliver the goods.

The Clean/Crunch Switch selects between Clean (green) and Crunch (red) channels. The OD Switch selects between OD1 (green) and OD2 (red) channels. The Tap (Manual) Switch matches the delay FX time to the time between two pushes. The LED flashes at the selected delay time. Holding down the Tap switch for longer than 2 seconds switches the amp between manual and preset mode. When using the optional foot controller, holding both the Tap switch and the Store switch will activate the tuner. The Store Switch Stores the current amp settings into the current channel or into the optional foot controller. 

Controls and EQ
The Marshall Megastack Distortion Control controls the amount of signal entering the preamp and the amount of distortion created in the selected channel. The Reverb Control lets you add a lush reverb to the selected channel, from a subtle hint to cavernous and all points in-between. The FX Control selects and adjusts one of four effects: Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, and Delay. The Low Control adds warmth and low-end depth to your sound, the Mid Control will vary the amount of body in your sound, and the High Control will make your sounds brighter and more cutting, turning it down will decrease your tone's edge and make it sound softer as a result.

The MP3 Line In lets you jam to your favorite MP3, CD, or tape track by connecting a line or headphone output. Adjust the volume of your player to match that of your guitar and you've got the perfect 'playalong' practice system. The Headphone socket (stealth Mode) is helpful for use when silent practice is the order of the day. Connection of Stealth Mode will automatically mute the internal speaker.

Finished in the same distinctive style as the Marshall 1960DM Signature Dave Mustaine speaker cabinets, the MG15FXMSDM makes for a menacing microstack indeed.


  • Distortion dial
  • Low does all you low, bass frequencies
  • Mid dial controls your middle EQ
  • High dial controls your treble frequencies
  • Reverb control
  • Volume control
  • FX dial: 4 different types of effects (5 including the reverb control)
  • Master Volume
  • MP3/Line in
  • 4 channels: clean, crunch, overdrive 1, overdrive 2
  • Includes: digital effects, digital reverb, internal FDD, MP3/Line in, Headphones, MG Footcontroller-compatible


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Produttore Marshall
Modello MG15FXMSDM D
Disponibilità Non Disponibile
Condizione Nuovo

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